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Hessle U3A currently has 30 interest groups, shown below.  To find out more about a specific group, click on its name.
Leader, Rose
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

GERMAN - Conversation, meetings mostly every first and third Friday of the month from 10.0 a.m. until 11.30 a.m.  Sometimes there are adjustments of the dates on account of holidays.

Meetings take place at home of group leader, Rose.

At the moment we have a full complement of members.
Jazz Appreciation
Leader, Bob
Phone, 01430 423040

The Group meets at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall, Oaklands Drive, off Swanland Road, Hessle.  Our meetings take place on the third Thursday of each month at 2pm.
Leader, Peter
Phone, 01482 658316

Our Group meets in Hessle Town Hall once per month on Thursday afternoons at 2pm.
Singing For Fun
Leader, Lindsay
together with Pianist, Hilary  
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

Meetings are on Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm in Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall, Swanland Road, Hessle.

Members meet to indulge their love of singing when pianist Hilary Blackburne ensures that every afternoon goes with a swing. We always choose tuneful songs, and are building up a wide repertoire of songs from the shows and popular songs from the past, as well as other favourites.

All are welcome so do come and experience for yourselves the fun our members already enjoy.
Leader, Margaret
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10am, by arrangement. in member’s houses. We feel more intimate surroundings are more conducive to free discussion.

Currently, each member chooses a book which we all read and meet to discuss it, led by the group member who has chosen the book.
We do not read works by the same author more than once but opt for novels new to all of us.

The group is full at the present time with 10 members. This means every member has a chance to choose one novel for each meeting throughout the year.
I am sure there is sufficient interest within Hessle U3A to start another group if needed, but a small number in a more intimate venue is recommended to enable each person to make a contribution.
Classical Music Appreciation
Leader, Paul
Phone, 01482

The group meets once a month to listen to a carefully selected programme of music in recorded performances. Introductory remarks by the group leader place the music in its context and suggest points of interest to listen for. These introductory commentaries may include illustrations on the piano or on CD. Sometimes a ‘map’ of a work is provided, to guide the ear as we listen.

Meetings take place at the Church Hall, Our Lady of Lourdes, Swanland Road, Hessle, on the first Monday of the month from 2.00 – 4.00pm.
Leader, Eric
Phone, 01482 641048

The group welcomes you whether you have just acquired your first computer or are a highly trained IT specialist.  We meet at All Saints Church Hall, The Square, Hessle, on the third Friday of each month (except August and December) at 10am.

We use the computer for fun things as well as for making light work of communication and budgeting.
Allotment Group
Phone, 01482 644005

This group is a collection of independent gardeners with a shared interest in growing plants for gastronomic and visual pleasure.  The only requirement is for members to keep their plot and surrounding areas clean and weed free.

Holding meetings on site is all but impossible because of members’ different commitments and uncertain weather conditions.  A request by the group for a meeting can be arranged at my home.  We did have a visit to an Elloughton garden opened in aid of the Mires Beck Charity, followed by a pub lunch.

I am available by phone for anyone requiring advice.  Members are encouraged to share spare seeds and seedlings and so help to cut costs.
Leader, Gill
Phone, 01430 423330

There are several active cyclists in Hessle U3A.  At times, we have ridden in a group but other commitments make this impossible on a regular basis.  Nonetheless, I am willing to organise rides for you, of a distance acceptable to you.

Cycling along the quiet lanes of East Yorkshire and North and Northeast Lincolnshire is one of life’s great pleasures.
Discussion 1
Leader, Joan
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

The group meets on the second Monday of each month at the home of the Leader.  We discuss a variety of matters, ranging from those immediately topical to those of general interest.  We enjoy a very pleasant afternoon.
Family History
Leader, Ann
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

The upstairs room at All Saints Church Hall, Hessle is the venue for our meetings, on the first Friday of each month at 10am.  Whether you are thinking about exploring your family tree or you are an experienced genealogist, you will be very welcome to join us.
French Conversation
Leader, Sylvia
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

The French Conversation Group meets fortnightly on Thursday afternoons at the home of one of our members.

The Group meets from 2.30 to 4.0pm and regularly makes use of reading and translation of French texts as well as some French conversation.  A wide range of subject matter is covered.

Leader Elizabeth
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

Meetings  Every third Wednesday    November-April
             Every second Wednesday May- October

The group spends the winter months indoors at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall.  Meetings are from 10 am to midday and leaders aim to introduce speakers with specialist gardening expertise.
Members are expected to contribute to meetings whenever possible, particularly in January which is a special Members’ Month.
During the summer, we visit Yorkshire gardens, organised by the leaders. Some members volunteer to drive and all members contribute to their costs.  A good day out is had by all.  
We do have room for a few more members, who will be made most welcome.  At the moment our numbers total 38.
Leader, Peter
Phone, 01482 648771

Meetings  -  Wednesday afternoon, every 4 weeks
We are a small friendly group of people (around 10) who are interested in and enthusiastic about magic tricks.
The magic experience of the members ranges from several decades to complete beginner. Some like to perform magic to an audience, some just to friends and family and others simply like to watch magic.

Each newcomer is helped to do simple tricks, so that they can discover what interests them and what they feel able to perform, whilst the more experienced like to share their expertise with their fellows.

We meet once every four weeks at 1-45am on Wednesday at the United Reform Church, Southella (opposite the Beech Tree Pub).

All are welcome to join us to see if they have an interest they wish to develop.

Peter Bennett, Leader, tel 648771.
Leader, Peter
Phone, 01482 645233

If you want to improve your picture taking without being too technical, the Photo Group can help. Photography is and should be a pleasurable pastime. In the summer months we usually visit local places of interest to take our pictures. Whilst, during the winter, we meet in a room in the village hall where we have practical sessions using our cameras. Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month in the small upstairs room at All Saints Church Hall at 10am.
Joint Leaders, Barbro  and Rose
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

Meetings on the fourth Friday of each month from 9.30 to 11.30/12.00 at the home of one of the two group leaders.

Leader, Liz
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330
We have two walks a month:

Wednesday morning walk of 4-6 miles, followed by a pub lunch for those who wish, and a Saturday walk of 7 – 10 miles to which everyone brings a packed lunch.

Leaders, Sylvia & Ann
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

No matter what kind of writing you do, you would be welcome in the Writing Group.  We meet at 10am on the second Thursday of each month, at Hessle Library, when we read our written pieces to the other members of the group.  Comments are never negative or hurtful but respectful and appreciative.

Come along and experience the pleasure of entertaining others and being entertained in turn.
Leader, Ann
Contact Membership Secretary for details
Tel: 01430 423330

The Literature Group meets at Hessle Town Hall at 1.30 p.m. on the last Monday of the month unless that clashes with public holidays. The aim is to provide an alternative range of literature to that already enjoyed by those attending the Bookworms group.

So far we have explored poetry under a number of themes, and in response to members' interests we look at short stories, essays and drama.  We also share excerpts from novels to encourage further reading.  Texts are provided for members at each meeting and discussed during the session. There is no expectation of lots of preparation or reading before coming along. You would be most welcome to try out and influence the development of this popular group!

Busy Fingers

Leader, Sylvia

Contact Membership Secretary for details

Tel: 01430 423330

All forms of art & craft are encompassed in our group.  There is a “Have a Go” table at each meeting where you can experience a craft without involving outlay of cash.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall from 1.30 to 3.30pm.

Opera Appreciation

Leader, Rose

Contact Membership Secretary for details

Tel: 01430 423330

We meet on the first Thursday of the month.  On account
of the length of some operas we start at 9.30 am.  You can watch operas performed by famous singers at some of the major opera houses of the world, all on a television screen. There are subtitles in English, useful if you don't know the story.  And the bonus is that you get close-ups of the singers, showing all the pathos you would expect.

Do you want a bit more passion in your life?  Then do join us.  We have one or two vacancies.