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General Meetings  for All Members


Feb 2nd           Peter Richardson         A Variety of Slide Sequences                         OLL 2pm                               Please note the change of venue for this meeting

Feb 16th         Jill Crowther     The Scandalous Case of Selwell vs Yelverton            OLL 2pm

Mar 2nd         Sue Woodcock        From Copper to Shepherd                                       AS   2pm

Mar 16th        Tony Hawkridge     An Evening on the Road                                       OLL  2pm

Apr 6th           Chris Whitfield        Yorkshire Tales                                                       AS   2pm

Apr 20th         Debbie & Eric          History of Morris Dancing                                   OLL  2pm

May 4th         Janet & Graham Marshall        Ebb & Flow, North Devon                    AS   2pm

May 18th        To be advised                                                                                         OLL  2pm

June 1st          Gordon Akester         Walking the Beat                                                  AS  2pm

June 15th        Jane McKeouen         Tuesday Travels                                                OLL  2pm

July 13th         Steve Short                  The Life of Norman Wisdom                              AS   2pm

July 20th          Linda Burgess & Hessle U3A’s “Singing for Fun” group.                   OLL  2pm

                                      There are no formal meetings in August    

7th Sept           Reverend Barry Worsdale     The Life of a Travelling Salesman         AS   2pm

21st Sept          Jethro Vivian                       Victorian Chimney Children                     OLL  2pm

5th Oct             Annual General Meeting                                                                         AS   2pm

19th Oct            John Scotney                  Hull Civic Society in Action                           OLL  2pm

2nd Nov           Michael Wood                           Hull Cinemas                                          AS  2pm  

16th Nov          Janet Weatherill                  My Life as a Magistrate                          OLL  2pm                                                  


AS* - All Saints Church Hall.  Our monthly meetings are held here on the first Friday of each month.

OLL* - Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall.